I was wondering if anyone else had a tumblr?
I'm starting to post my D*C projects (River Song and this mostly) and thought it'd be a good way to share everyone's progress.


Unfortunately due to some personal issues (mostly my grandmother- she had a car accident and is mostly OK now but can't really do anything other than walk around her house. I've been helping take care of her since the accident when she couldn't get out of bed without help.) I haven't had time to work on my costumes like I had planned.
Hopefully I'll see everyone there, and be able to meet up next year.

I didn't realize Rapunzel wasn't taken, and I already have a few pieces suitable for her without much work as opposed to my Meg concept which would be almost completely from scratch.

Character/New to this...

Hi everyone.  I would love to do this but I am new and not really sure how?  This will be my 1st Con and I'm going by myself.  I am staying in a room with 3 other ladies and none of us have ever met.  Kind of nervous.  Anyway, if anyone is up for it I would love to dress up too but might need a tutor (lol).  Any suggestions on a plus size princess?  I have boys so I don't get to see too many.   : )
Anyone from the Charlotte, NC area?

Updated List

Can we get an updated list of who's who? Next week I'm planning on starting my costume, so if there's a more "cannon" princess that hasn't been taken yet I'd like to know in order to fill that spot before doing someone a little more unrecognizable like meg.

Bowing out

I'm really sorry to have to do this, but I have to bow out of costuming with this group. I haven't even started on my costume, and it's getting to the point that both time and money are an issue.

I'm really sorry :(


Hey guys! It's only three-ish months to the con, so I wanted to know if we could nail down scheduling. I've got two other costuming groups to juggle, so it would really help me plan. Right now I've got one planned vaguely for Sunday morning/early afternoon, but other than that I'm wide open. I'm also willing to drop that group in favor of this one, if that's the only time everyone's available.

What say you?

Steampunk Disney

A "fan" on my Facebook Art page sent me this link. I am in the process of doing a Steampunk Disney collection, and I wanted to share some links if anyone is looking for inspiration. I would LOVE to see any costumes inspired by my designs. I only ask that you post pics on my fan page so I can see!
Here's my FB page:


And my Tumblr:






and I am on twitter: @khallion

I have done six Steam Disney designs, and plan on doing six more and making a calendar. Then I plan on moving on to Steampunk Villians.
MR Fly Away

About the Group, Doubles, Etc.

Since I've been getting this a lot, I've decided to do a post about it instead of answering each comment individually.

My initial idea was actually to have a small group comprised of the "core" group of Princesses, only one of everyone; I was trying to find an outlet to reach out to find other people interested and decided an LJ community would be the best way, never expecting to find so much interest in the idea. So I decided to expand the "Princess" definition to include all good-aligned female protagonists to get in more people since so many seemed to be honestly interested.

I never had any intention of having a massive group, especially since this is not only my first Dragon*Con (or major con) but my first time initiating a group.

At this time, I would prefer that there be no duplicates until a Cinderella is found. I would like the standard group of Princesses to be finished before we have 2 Snow Whites, Jasmines, and Tinkerbells and no Cinderellas.

I've been trying to get many opinions on doubles in order to make a final call, and will hopefully be doing that shortly (especially if a Cinderella comes around).

I hope that clears a few things up. If you're already participating and completely disagree with me, please feel free to let me know. I won't be upset, but I would like to know if everyone else is on a completely different track than I am.